Adventure Time: Animated show currently entering into it’s eighth and final season on Cartoon Network. The show was created by Pendleton Ward and follows the adventures of Finn, the last human on earth, and his talking dog, Jake.

Binary Categories: Basically a dichotomy, or classifying everything into only two spheres. Example: gender binary (male or female).

Existentialism: a philosophical theory that focuses on the thoughts, feelings, and freedoms of the individual.

Gender Norms: a set of behaviors deemed acceptable based on perceived gender.

Heteronormativity: the assumption that heterosexuality is the norm. Often reinforced by lawmakers, media, and society in general.

Homogenizing/Universalizing: lumping all people in a group together and assuming they are the same.

Intersectionality: the ways in which concepts such as race, gender, class, and ability overlap in any given individual. Example: someone who is black, disabled, transgender, and imprisoned crosses over many different social identities and should be addressed accordingly, not just by one of their identities.

Postmodern Feminism: a feminist theory that arose in the 1980’s. Incorporates aspects of postmodern and poststructuralist theory. Focuses on intersectionality and the equality of all genders.

Queer Theory: a feminist theory that arose in the early 1990’s. Focuses on the deconstruction of linking sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

Steven Universe: Cartoon created by Rebecca Sugar and airing on Cartoon Network. The series follows Steven, a young human-alien hybrid, and a group of earth protecting aliens called the Crystal Gems.

Subversive: attempting to disrupt an established principle or institution.