Our class adopted the practice of “freewriting,” or getting whatever you’re thinking out on a page, throughout the course of the semester. We would begin almost each class with a prompt and start freewriting on the subject at hand, or whatever we had on our minds that day. I am a pretty big fan of freewriting and have actually been doing it for quite some time on my own. Freewriting helped develop this Reader’s Guide by getting me more comfortable with writing and, at times, forcing me to write when I would really rather do anything else. Sometimes when you have writers block you don’t really need to step away from the page at all, what you really need is to just start writing anything and get some thoughts out on the page. I love me some stream of consciousness writing, it’s how I think and how I write, so it really comes naturally to me. I tended to compose my freewrites like poems because that’s how I’m most comfortable writing.

Featured below are a few freewrites I stumbled upon and just sort of liked as a sample of my writing and the way I was feeling at the time. It doesn’t have much to do with the topic of this Reader’s Guide (spoiler alert: none of my freewrites do) but I think it encapsulates the way I write when I’m writing for me, which is something I tried to embody when putting together my Reader’s Guide.

Freewrite #1

where i am

i can’t understand

how to be

the me that is me

right now

Freewrite #2

sometimes i feel this immense fire

deep within myself

like a volcano laying dormant

just waiting

to erupt all over

me, you, us

i think when it’s over i’ll be left all alone

but i know that’s not true

no matter where i am i’ve got my shadow

the one on the ground,

and the six that walk beside me

Freewrite #3

the ooey gooey pinkish bits

the purples and the browns

today is not green

but the blackey blue

of an aging bruise