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A Reader's Guide to Queer Theory on Cartoon Network

Fact or Fiction?

More articles! More research! Let's do it! Adventure Time, I return to it again and again. It seems to become the main focus of my Inquiry Project. So, why not read another article about how transformative it is to the... Continue Reading →


To be a Woman, To be a Girl

This week, I turned once again to The Atlantic for Inquiry Project inspiration. I found yet another fantastic, twisting, otherworldly article by an author that goes by the name of Gabrielle Bellot. Bellot's piece is titled Hayao Miyazaki and the Art... Continue Reading →

That’s Kid Stuff

Time to explore some more articles for the Inquiry Project! I'm jumping fully into cartoon and children's show as both and art form and a form of gender presentation. The first paper I'm looking into was found through the library website... Continue Reading →

Sexy Little Super Things

Let's review another article! This one is pulled from The Atlantic, a witty new publication with timely information. The Powerpuff Girls Redefined What Little Girls Are Made Of was written by Lenika Cruz and published in February, 2015. Cruz wrote the... Continue Reading →

Keeping Up (gender) Appearances

Today I'll be providing you with another thrilling update on the research process. The source being taken into careful consideration today is an analysis of gender in animated films by Jessica Birthisel. The work is titled How Body, Heterosexuality and Patriarchal... Continue Reading →

The Water’s Fine

So, let's jump on into some research! First off let's answer some questions about the paper by Emma A. Jane titled: “Gunter's a Woman?!”— Doing and Undoing Gender in Cartoon Network's Adventure Time What is most interesting/surprising to you from this... Continue Reading →

My Mind’s Made Up

In his article on Argument as Conversation Stuart Greene discusses how inquiry affects framing a research question. This article feels incredibly applicable to the type of research I am doing for my inquiry project. I recognized in Greene's discussions aspects... Continue Reading →

Enter The Void

Some sources from Sherry Turkle's Reclaiming Conversation: Are Close Friends the Enemy? Online Social Networks, Self-Esteem, and Self-Control important key words: strong ties, self esteem, self control, social network Examined the relationship between social media connection, self-esteem and self-control. Authors... Continue Reading →

New Book Smell

Unfortunately, due to an incredibly busy work schedule coupled with the fact that I live an hour and a half away from campus, I was unable to make it to Atkins to fully complete the library activity. However, though I... Continue Reading →

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