Unfortunately, due to an incredibly busy work schedule coupled with the fact that I live an hour and a half away from campus, I was unable to make it to Atkins to fully complete the library activity. However, though I could not spend the full time there or gather the necessary pictures, I did manage to spend some time there this morning before my first class. I love libraries. Mostly, because of the book smell. Libraries always feel so homey to me, and Atkins is no exception. I love the high ceilings and the big comfy chairs. Ah yes, I love me a good library.

Even though I’m talking up libraries, the truth of the matter is I rarely check out books from Atkins. Mostly, it’s an issue of time. My days are very go, go, go because I work two jobs and regularly am expected to pick up my younger siblings from school. Though I don’t check out many physical books, I use the library website to access documents through sites like Jstor and Academic Search Premier all the time. I definitely wouldn’t have been able to complete a gigantic portion of my schoolwork without resources accessed through the library website. The site is incredibly easy to navigate, with tabs that even I can figure out (which is saying something, honestly). I also really like how you can search databases based on subject. That makes it easy for me to find sites and sources that are more catered to the type of work I’m doing. I like the library, but if I’m going to be totally honest, I don’t have a ton of time to spend there. I generally find the website more useful for my research, but I have used the physical library as a resource in the past and would definitely use it again.

Through the library site, I found a few articles that I think could help me with my upcoming research on the inquiry project. Here are the one’s that stood out to me:

Children and Television: A Conference Summary

Animation for Children: David Ehrlich and the Cleveland Museum of Art Workshop

Masculinity and Popular Television

Tel-adventure Time — TV Brings Child and Book Together